Beware: SEO websites that promise first page results

Be aware of websites that promise top spot in days or weeks. Unless you are a well known brand, or have a unique product, overnight success is unlikely. More and more SEO  websites are promising first page results as if they own the search engines.  We’ve often seen SEO sites promising first page results just to get your money when there is no quality in what they provide.

Why do we not give definite prices for our packages?

Prices may differ depending on your needs and the level of competition in your industry. Not all websites require some of the factors included in a certain package. For example, a website that has a PPC campaign being employed by a third party may not need us to run a campaign. This method allows us to be fair in our SEO pricing.  We hope this  clears any questions.

A full optimization, requires attention to the finest details on and off your web pages. We’ll look at the most important aspects and improve your rankings. Even though this package can be very expensive, we will try and make you a cheap search engine optimization deal

Optimal Search Engine Optimization

  • Requires quote and consultation
  • All aspects of your website will be considered
  • Reports of our work will be sent to you with an analysis of your pages.
  • We will also contact you vicariously to make sure you understand what we are doing every step of the way.