360 Feedback Is Required For Employee Motivation

360 Feedback Is Required For Employee Motivation

360 Feedback Is Required For Employee Motivation

Organizations try to find out various strategies that can help in motivating the employees of an organization. In order to create a positive environment within the office, managers try to find out ways that can help them to keep the employees engaged and provide better quality of work. Studies have shown that each employer wants to have employees who can help in bringing success to an organization.

If employees are not able to perform well, their morale starts to get dip. In fact, the productivity is also affected. In order to understand the problems of the employees, it is important to get feedback of their working procedure. One of the important tools that is hugely relied by the employers is 360 degree feedback.

This feedback process is an assessment tool that helps in collecting data from co-workers, peers, managers and as well as from clients and customers. The data that is collected helps in understanding how well an individual is performing within an organization and also about their behavior.

360 degree feedback

Key Components of 360 Degree Feedback Process

360 feedback is a feedback process that can help managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. One of the important benefits of this tool is that it involves everyone who works together in a firm.

The data collected or the assessment helps an individual to learn if they need to improve his or her skills. 360degree feedback is often associated with performance appraisal. When the tool is uses in an efficient manner can help in assessing the performance of the employee within an organization. It can also help in judging the person’s achievement. Based on the result appraisal can be decided.

How The Feedback Process Help?

With 360-degree feedback, manager’s can gain a better prospective of their employees.  Feedback from peers can help mangers and employers to work on their key strengths and weaknesses. In fact, employees have the chance to see their evaluation feedback. Once they see what others have to say about them it can help them to work on the required areas. For example, if a person needs to change his/ her behavior while working in a team. He/she can easily do that once he learns about it.

Team Self-assessment

A team can easily assess their performance with the help of a self-assessment program. With the help of 360 feedback form, every member of the team fills out the questionnaire related to the behavior. It can help in highlighting how well coordinated team members and leaders are; ways in which they can deal with conflicts, whether they are supportive to others or not. Based on the result one can work on the areas where it needs improvement.

Individual Assessment

Individuals can learn ways to communicate in a better way with their peers and their superiors. The assessment helps in revealing the training that an individual need in order to bring in more productivity.

However, care should be taken not to use 360 degree feedback as a tool for criticizing others. Rather it should be used tool for praising others and also helping individuals of an organization to improve their skills and work on their weaknesses.

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